1. Something severe or extreme. Either severely cool or severely bad.
2. High quality weed (see: 'chronic').
3. Someone who smokes alot of weed or the process of smoking weed.
1. "That was a 'chron' Method 720 you just did."
"I've been smoking 'chron' pretty 'chron' lately."
2. "That bud is the 'chron'."
3. "Keen to go for a 'chron'?"
"You're only keen coz yo are 'chron'."
by Diego August 17, 2003
type of weed, chron is THE SHIT!!!
"yo hook me up wit some of that chron"
by jea October 06, 2003
A euphemism for marijuana. Derived from "Chronic", an older, established euphemism.
"I just came up on some chrons, you wanna join me in a session?"
by Choppy February 17, 2003
Great, high quality, marijuana
"I only smoke chrons, none of that shitty regs"
"I got some gans for 45 an eighth, or some good chrons for 75"
by OG Gooch Man January 15, 2009
the dried flowers of the femail marijuana plant. Very high quality
Yo wanna buy a lid of this killer chron?

Yo this chron kicked my ass
by will.p September 23, 2006
Term to describe something great. Mostly used by Portland, Mainers (esp. Ben Day).
"Yo man, this song is so chron."

"I met this chron girl named Miranda."
by VTgirl March 06, 2013
Chrons are the SI unit for level of being intoxitaced by THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) where 50 chrons leads to passing into an unconscious or incohearent state, and 100 chrons leading to death. 100 chrons being roughly the equivalent of a quarter pound of marijuana consumed in 2 hours by one person.
Yo Nick, whats gonna be the SI units for 'being stonned'? I'm going to lable the highness graph "something vs. time" and put it on the side of Asteroth**.
... (pause in deep contemplation)... Chrons
Yeah, like spelled "C-H" or with a "K"
well, definitely "C-H" 'cuz its like 'chronic'.

**Asteroth: a massive bubbling gravity /waterfall bong (massive)
by ziggoguy May 06, 2005
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