The effect one gets from smoking a certain threshold of pot, wherein they start acting like Christopher Walken in speech, movements, voice and intentions.
"How many bowls have you smoked, Phil?"
"About 4 man, I think I have the Christopher Walkens already"
by A19 July 22, 2008
Top Definition
quite possibly, the weirdest and most awesome actor in Hollywood. known for his deadpan acting and completely insane roles he takes.
"Christopher Walken is such a badass, didn't you see him in King of New York?"

"There's a badger... in his ass!"
by edward_pumpernickel November 15, 2005
The 44th President of the United States of America.
America needs more cowbell. -- Christopher Walken
by Raptor007 October 05, 2006
The opposite of Christopher Reeves.
"I gotta have more cowbell." -- Christopher Walken on SNL
by Coell September 03, 2005
The second coming of Christ.
"When I'm finished, you'll all be wearinf gold-plated diapers." - Christopher Walken
by Drama_King March 11, 2008
Quite possibly the only man alive to be able to beat Chuck Norris ass.

Also an Academy Award winning actor.
Christopher Walken can whoop Chuck Norris up and down washington Street.
by Steven4444444 August 15, 2008
"Christopher Walken wasnt born, he just existed"
must i say more must i say more Christopher Walken
by christov October 25, 2006
Quirky and slightly mental-looking Hollywood actor. Hasn't got nearly as many good roles as he should. Look out for him in David Cronenberg's The Dead Zone, Spielberg's Catch Me if you Can or in the movie of Ian McEwan's The Comfort of Strangers.
Watch out. Here comes a Christopher Walken character.
by Fearman November 18, 2007

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