A veteran actor with loads of dark roles to his credit, Christopher Walken is one of the most entertaining, consistent performers ever. Although most people believe him to be an absolute wacko, many of his excellent supporting roles are the stuff of legend, and there are few Hollywood stars that are as respected as he is.
Christopher Walken is a pussycat who can summon the face of a pit bull.
by I'm Nolan June 19, 2005
To stash or hide any form of contraband in the rectum from a person of athority.

Refer to the story of the watch that made it through the war and brought to a young Butch Coolidge Bruce Willis' role in "Pulp Fiction".
First dood-"man i cant believe how close we came to getting busted by the sizzle*"

Second dood-"i know bro, i totally had to Christopher Walken that ounce"

First dood-"Seriously bro you didnt... good thing it was double bagged"

*sizzle the sound bacon makes when you fry it... bacon refers to the fuzz
by fersherlock December 07, 2009
The effect one gets from smoking a certain threshold of pot, wherein they start acting like Christopher Walken in speech, movements, voice and intentions.
"How many bowls have you smoked, Phil?"
"About 4 man, I think I have the Christopher Walkens already"
by A19 July 22, 2008
this is when a person walks into aa room without you knowing and start talking to you making you almost shit yourself in surprise.
Like wen christopher walken jst pops outta nower n starts tlkin 2 ppl
by anonymous420 September 19, 2007
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