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6 definitions by edward_pumpernickel

quite possibly, the weirdest and most awesome actor in Hollywood. known for his deadpan acting and completely insane roles he takes.
"Christopher Walken is such a badass, didn't you see him in King of New York?"

"There's a badger... in his ass!"
by edward_pumpernickel November 15, 2005
1. another name for heroin

2. hottest black chick in the world
Oh, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)
Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)
She really gets me high (Bam-ba-Lam)
You know that's no lie (Bam-ba-Lam)
by edward_pumpernickel April 24, 2005
when you and some friends step out of a party or a resteraunt to go smoke pot.
Guy1 - where's Brian?
Guy2 - he went on a nature walk with Frank.
by edward_pumpernickel September 21, 2005
a man that has some inmasculain traits, ie low pain tolerance, not very strong, etc.
see some defenitions of pussy
"what do you mean you can lift those weights? are you a girly man?"
by edward_pumpernickel August 03, 2004
this big fat fuck who does a shit-load of insane and retarded definitions. damn funny, though.
what the fuck?? dog-a-thon?? oh... its just Cheesebadger, that explains it.
by edward_pumpernickel January 10, 2005
a word that you can use in place of any noun that you cannot remember. the best part about this word that after enough usage your friends will always know exactly what you're talking about.
1. hey man, hand me those speaker dillies.
TRANSLATION: "hand me those headphones."

2. dammit, i can't get the internet dilly to work!
TRANSLATION: dammit, i can't get the web browser to work!
by edward_pumpernickel June 03, 2005