the rare condition, when a teenage male smells identical, to a teenage female every single day regardless of his deodorant, body spray, cologne or lack there of.

Treatment for this condition is very harsh
Day 1
Ben: check out this new deodorant i got
Chelsea: nice! it smells like a christmas tree
Day 2
Ben: ah i just had gym, put on some new deodorant
Chelsea: mm! smells like a christmas tree
Day 3
Ben: (sits down next to chelsea)
Chelsea: Christmas tree!
Day 4
Chelsea: (to random individual) Christmas tree!
Person: Who the hell are you talking to?
Chelsea: sorry, i smelled a christmas tree
Day 5
Chelsea: (in hospital) gah... chri--stm--astree

by wakeboarddlife January 10, 2009
A word for the wonderful plant salvia or the process of smoking said plant.
Worker1: "Haha, I bought the best christmas tree ever"
Worker2: "Sweet. Can I come over and 'help you decorate it?'"
Boss: "What's that you're talking about doing?"
Workers: "Nothing sir. Just putting up a christmas tree..."
by Yodia January 19, 2006
(n.) Slag.
(n.) Female who likes to open her legs often.
"That girl keeps her legs in the shape of a Christmas tree all year long."


"That bitch is Christmas!"
by Ox Vox April 06, 2008
When you and a friend are tagging the same broad (one in front, one behind) and you high five each other.
"We totally christmas tree'd that chick last night, eh?"
by jibe July 29, 2006
A double dose of extasy in one pill; very dangerous for your health, too.
I hella tripped out from that christmas tree yesterday
by Lacrimatamine March 31, 2005
when a girl is giving you head you push her head against your dick til she throws up, punch her in the nose, and blow a load on her face. hence the snow covered christmas tree
dude i pulled the christmas tree on my girl last night, she got pissed.
by nickchandler February 25, 2009
when you take a cone shaped concoction, usually resembling a miniature christmas tree, to clean out your butthole.
Dude: Oh man, I just took a thick ass shit!
Dude#2: Did you christmas tree last night?
by stoopidface21 December 09, 2007

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