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A Christian who preaches the "Word" to unwilling participants
The Jehovah's Witness guy kept bothering me...
I killed that fucking Christer
by orion_ktulu1 January 25, 2006
A derogatory term for fundamentalist christians. See also "Fundie"
Don't bother arguing with that guy; he's a christer.
by m3j June 21, 2005
1. Christer(A-) (noun);

A common name in Scandinavia, Christer derives from the name Christ. Apart from being a popular name among religious fanatics, tv-ministers, and do-gooders etc. the name is also given to those who embodies the general perception of a genuinly awesome person. Synonyms include Chris, Christoffer, Barney and Superman.

2. Christer (adjective):

A superlative of awesome

3. Christer (-ing, -ed) (verb);

To radiate pure awesomeness to such an extent that it might be contagious.
Noun: Christer is legen - wait for it - dary!

Adjective: That beautiful and intelligent person is so christer.

Verb: He was christering in the VIP section of the club last night.
by Dude, Awesome January 11, 2011
Pronounced: KrEE-ster

Noun) Catholic (or any other Christian) who shows up to church only on Christmas and Easter. They usually take the pews and parking spots of regular church attendees.
The Christers are coming! The Christers are coming!
by AllieGator35 February 02, 2008
Someone who only goes to church on Christmas and Easter, normally people who grew up Christian and are guilt-tripped into attending on these special days by their parents, spouses, etc. The word combines 'Easter' and 'Christmas.'
Dude, we'd better get to church super early today or we won't get a seat-- all those stupid Christers keep taking them!
by Eva Kate February 22, 2007
1.When you use the position in other words known as "doggystyle"
God i just christer'd that girl
by DUDE November 24, 2004
sister in christ. the words christ + sister = christer.
i am your christer, megan.
by babylovebubbles April 17, 2006
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