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the prettiest and most down-to-earth girl you will ever meet. she is trustworthy, sweet, really smart, and will always make you smile whenever you feel down..she puts everyone else above herself cuz she cares that much! really assbad (badass) and so cool and a great friend. most of her best friends think of her as "retarded" but everyone is (in their own way) :) loves to party. daring. charming. seriously good kisser, really nice, u should get to know her!
i wish i was Christelle!

damn! Christelle is hot!
by anonymous1211 March 12, 2010
A real pretty girl who knows how to annoy you but never fails to put a smile on your face. kissable, cuddly, cute. a cheerleader who loves pizzas.
"Do you know a Christelle?"

"Yeah! In fact, she's my girlfriend!"
by †‡Migz‡† November 24, 2009
named after champagne known for being an awesome drunk and knows how to party
Christelle party's like the champagne, smooth and expensive.
by Kyranna February 23, 2008

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