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An amazing guy who is blessed with the talent of being able to make people smile and laugh. He is always able make you feel relaxed. Chriss has an amzing ass and a gorgeuos body and is by far the most amazing guy that there ever was, is, or will be.
If you know a chriss then you are extremely lucky.

i wish i was like chriss
by Bexibooxx April 14, 2010
Cool, awesome, ideal, PHAT, or otherwise preferred.
"I would divorce my parents because that would be chriss, because then I could stay out all night and that would be chriss"
by High school high February 19, 2008
Taking a piss that takes less than five seconds, or a very short amount of time
"Hey guys I'll be right back I gotta go take a chriss."
by duckyy.13 July 19, 2014
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