A delicious beverage made by making hot chocolate using Earl Grey tea instead of plain hot water or milk. CHOcolate + TEa = CHOTE. Not to be confused with chode.
Frack that chote is delicious, gods dammit!
by ChoteusMaximus December 10, 2009
Top Definition
chote is a derogatory slang abbriviation of the word choteus meaning that of a man's penis which is wider in length than it is long. The word chote is a fast growing adjective used in the Australian coastal town of Currumbin to describe a frustrating or stupid person who is behaving innappropriately (namely a male). The word also is a local greeting term to acknowledge friends or acquaintances known over a long period of time and or seen on a regular daily basis.
derogatory usage -
Have a look at this choteus trying to surf he's got no idea.
Don't be such a chote taking all the hot water.
This chote came up and tried to pick a fight.

Greeting usage -
Wats up chote ; Hey chote
by CIZZ February 11, 2007
Derived from the word "Chode", it is a thinner form of a Chode.
"See that kid? He's got the smallest Chote!"
by SuppaKaffa April 19, 2010
A Urban Area Pot Smoker that hangs out on the Sofa all day eating cereal and watching Cartoons at his Mom's house until he's 40 years old.
Man, Joey ain't gonna go with us anywhere, he's a chote.
by targitty January 16, 2012
Not to be confused with chode, a chote is another name for the area of skin between the nutsack and the asshole. Other names are taint, gooch, nacho, and derf.
My girlfriend sucked me off while pressing her vibrator against my chote, and boy did it make a powerful splooge.
by Lieutenant Big Dick November 29, 2004
The black, crusty part of the ambilical cord that falls off after birth.
Guy 1: "Dude let's go down to the hospital and steal some chotes for supper!"

Guy 2: "That's wrong..."
by DarkMerrick 07 December 20, 2007
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