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Replacement word for any known adjective
A Word That Means Anyhthing
"It's Mighty Chosty Out Here"
"Your Mum's Well Chosty"
"This Party Is Well Chosty"
"You Smell Well Chosty"
"Those Are Some Chosty Beats Mofo"
by Richard Holden April 08, 2006
A word developed in a town called Doncaster in Northern England meaning "big".
Originates from the word "chost" meaning marijuana.
e.g. "We need to score some chost".
"Make a chosty biff"
"That's the chostiest girl I've ever seen"
"...Then this chosty bouncer walked up and booted me out of the club"
by Sl!P April 29, 2012
When you are doing lines of something with your friends.
They couldn't wait for the e to kick in, so they opted for chosties instead.
by spinge June 17, 2005
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