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Bomb ass weed, grown outdoors on Texada Island.
She's going to BC to pick up some of that bomb ass Texada Timewarp.
by spinge June 17, 2005
Any type of small animal or rodent, such as a squirrel. Or, animals supposedly seen while high on mushrooms.
Last time I ate caps, I saw wompachillies in the trail.
by spinge June 17, 2005
Snorting a line of coke, meth, heroin, etc.
Tim said he was doing schnafes with his girl when I talked to him last.
by spinge June 17, 2005
When you are doing lines of something with your friends.
They couldn't wait for the e to kick in, so they opted for chosties instead.
by spinge June 17, 2005
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