Syracuse slang term for good cocaine or 'blowcaine'.
Yo I'm shitfaced, lets get some fire choppy
by BDH315 October 23, 2010
when the tip of your penis get cut off when playing hockey.
Ceromax: I think the kratos guy Has a choppy
Shadez: He does im the one that chopped it.
tony: Wth.
Nicky: Shadez has a choppy i saw it!
Shadez: nicky you suck.
by dickman56 May 29, 2010
The most pathetic individual in the known universe.

The term is derived from one particular person.

He festers in the back of computer labs. He listens to a Nomad mp3 player, and raises the volume when popular songs come on so that people will think he is cool, and has imaginary montages in which they are introducing him to more cool people, and when they try to shake his hand he says \\\\\\\"too slow\\\\\\\" and pulls his hand away, and then looks around smiling stupidly to see who is laughing with him.

He can constantly be heard saying things like \\\\\\\"tetris is unrealistic\\\\\\\", \\\\\\\"shut up! or I\\\\\\\'ll karate you to death\\\\\\\", or \\\\\\\"NGGGGGG\\\\\\\".

Most marvelous of all, is that his hunch defies the laws of physics and popularly accepted biological truths. Fully erect he would be over seven feet tall, however, his spinal column would collapse in on itself.
Other variations:
Yngwie Chopstein
by Bill Oreilly April 15, 2005
Money not worked for
where did you get that car?
i got the choppy
by Hektor March 31, 2005

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