1. Weed.
2. To smoke weed through a bong.
1. Can you sell me some choof.
2. Let's go for a choof.
by Diego November 12, 2003
Top Definition
Australian slang for the act of smoking cannabis sativa or indica through a bong. One who overindulges is known as a choofmonster.
I was having a choof the other day, when I got bong water all over my white pants.
by Googles January 17, 2004
An Australian terminology for Marijuana mainly when smoked in a bong or the action of smoking Marijuana through a bong.
Hey buddy! have ya got any choof on ya?
I'm dying to have a choof!
by David Vanhalen March 04, 2003
smoking marijuana, lighting and inhaling cannibis
I'm just getting my bong to have a choof
by Sirlaughalot666 April 15, 2005
1970's surfer slang for sub par. Something that sucks or is lame.
"Man, I drove all the way out to the beach and the surf was totally choof."
by sonsofspartacus September 08, 2008
Verb, meaning 'to steal' or 'to take'. It's like saying those words but bare better.
'"Sup bro, how's it going?"

"Not well brah, someone choofed by watch"

"You'll need bare dollar to replace that"'

'When I first met you, you choofed my heart babe'
by straightouttatovil February 07, 2012
a combination of a choade, which is a penis that is wider than it is long, and a spoof, which is like a queef, except from a dick. a choof is when a choade has a spoof.
dude, last night i choofed when i was fucking her. i felt really embarassed.
by Kyle Peterssss November 06, 2008

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