The sound that comes from a chrome cold air system, on a car, as the throttle body is quickly opened.
I let my boys hear my Mustang with the hood popped an when i hit the gas petal real fast the engine went "choof"
by RT out of Lakeland October 28, 2003
the measure of the angle made when one's neck is broken.
"That's a 90 degree choof we're looking at here... it's a wonder his head didn't snap clean off... poor dead bastard."
by bitter_bluebird March 26, 2004
1. a teenager, usually male, whose wardrobe comprises Abercrombie & Fitch, Structure and American Eagle items. See also prep. Choofs, though expensively outfitted, often appear ridiculous, often because of the kitschy t-shirts and visors they wear.
2. An upper-middle class Caucasian male with delusions of rap stardom.
3. A fatuous idiot or douchebag.
1. To act in a foolish or ridiculous manner. Note: the idiomatic usage "choof it up" is common.
Matt Simone, the original choof, remains the paragon of choofdom.
by Jayque October 16, 2003
A slang term for inhaling and/or blowing out a large cloud of vapor, usually from an e-smoke or vaping device.
I thought it would be okay to choof on the bus, but the bus driver kicked me off and called the cops.
by probably your dad January 10, 2016
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