Also spelled chooff. Believed to be derived from chuff, an onomatopoeic word that describes a train 'chuffing' along the tracks. Choof is onomatopoeic when used to describe smoking pot, or a train on a hill. Listen or think of the sound of someone who takes a big toke, then tries to hold back a coughing fit

1: v. To smoke cannabis in a joint, pipe or bong(billy).

2: n. An indefinite quantity of marijuana.

3: n. The sound a train makes.
1: "I'm gonna choof a few billies and then crash for a while."

2: "I'm gonna see if I can get onto a bit of choof later on. Wanna come over for a smoke?"

3: The train went choof choof up the hill.
by Indica Man May 10, 2008
1. The male version of a queef.

2. when air passes through a dick

3. dick fart.
1."what was that sound?" "i think i just choofed"

2."I got a blowjob last night; and some air snuck up my cock...totally choofed it back at her face."
by ChoofAloof September 01, 2010
An onomatopoeic word that describes a basketball that gets all net on a shot. The word "swish" is gay, obviously.

Choof is onomatopoeic when used to describe a Larry Bird three-pointer that hits nothing but net.
Play-by-play man: "Larry Bird takes the in-bounds pass, dribbles right, then left, shakes Isaiah Thomas lose for fade-a-way jumper deep in the corner for three....choof."

by BeanoCook February 11, 2009
V. To jizz, throw up, and have explosive diarreha simultaneously

N. The substance left after said "choof"
"I totally choofed all over that Alli's chest, don't ask me how I did it, but I did."

"I once heard that Choofing can be the most disgusting or loving act you can perform on someone."
by Teabag Tipton October 16, 2008
1.Nick Cloherty is gonnah rape Ben Deacon up the choof =D

2.ben deacon & nick cloherty likes choof

3.ben deacon likes it up the choof
by FUCK U!! August 13, 2008
Slang surfer term used to define something lame, or bogus.
The waves are choof dude.
by graphiksguru December 11, 2006
1) fit lad !
1) a rare 1 off fit lad that is better than F.H.I.T or OOF
by HEATHER July 01, 2004

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