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A dirty, greasy Latino male who loves to act tough and mean, but is often perceived as an individual who lacks proper hygiene and is not nearly as threatening as a cholo, which appears to be the same by physical appearance. They usually have on white shirts, gold chains, long blue jean shorts, white socks up to the knees, and some kind of tennis shoe. Chongers are often looked down upon, as they usually look the part but are all talk and no fight.
Man, whatever he\'s not scary, he\'s just a chonger.
by Velissa April 26, 2005
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a large joint, can be one full zig zag but is generally larger and
usually rolled of the finest bud. also often a chonger has many contributers and is smoked in a group of at least 3 people
#1 hey man wanna pitch in with me and the boys and roll a chonger? #2 that chonger we rolled the other day was awesome
by Mr.Ectid April 26, 2010
An Asian person.
JM- "HM let's order some Chonger food!"

HM- "Fabulous idea! Now tell Rusty to get off Murph!"
by Kill1349Chief February 02, 2009
A can of beer, typically what one would refer to as a tall boy (a 24 ounce can).
Q: Hey you dudes wanna put a couple chongers down before we dipset?

A: Yea dude for sure
by regulardegular February 14, 2015
someone that smokes a lot of cannabis
Damn those guys in hall green can sure chong the pukkas!their real chongers
by messy org April 13, 2009
A person who is an habitual pot smoker.
Someone who can't participate in "real life" without using marijuana.
A derivitive of "Chong" of the popular "Cheech and Chong"
Dude, Brain is a total chonger.
What a chonger, he can't even piss straight in the mornin' without his first bongload.
by ghostfrog July 30, 2003
A particularly large bong rip. Often the smoked material consists of a mixture of tobacco and cannabis(see Mole chop). Chongers are not formal and common venues include the back seats of cars. There is a noticeable figure in which Chonger is most often used to describe bong rips during the day though the term is not exclusive to the night.
Dude, in 5th period we're watching a video on the formation of stars! Let's take chongers in the drive through line at Carls Jr.
by Charles the Steven December 28, 2011

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