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a chogger is a marathon runner, running for a good cause. Who wants you to sponsor them to do something they enjoy anyway.
Chris : bens doing a charity run... for oppressed badgers.
Rob: not another Chogger.
Chris: yeah i know.
by psycho mikeo August 20, 2010
An Adjective describing someone that is a huge noob, lame, or just in general, an annoying f***tard.

Also used by some as an informal greeting.

See Chog
-"Do you see that fat guy over there eating a hamburger?" "Yeah man, what a chogger!"

-See someone annoying on TV and can't really put a finger on what to call them? They're a chogger. "That guy, he's such a chogger!"

-"Hey chogger, sup?"

-Bill O'Reilly may be considered the ultimate chogger.
by Tomcup July 16, 2009
when you put in a nice chew
" Hey man lets go have a chogger"
by Dylan johnson November 15, 2006

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