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this is the abbreviation for CHOKE HARD ON MY PENIS
boy: hey
girl: hey...
boy: you okay?
girl: yeah
boy: so you wouldn't mind if you CHOMP'ed
by Liam and DanDanTheMilkMan March 07, 2010
Someone who disturbs you while your trying to eat pasta salad.
"Hey chomp, can't i eat my tuna pasta salad in peace..."
by Douche flakes August 25, 2009
Referring to a Fish taking the bait on a hook.
The person playing the joke is the Fishermen.
The person having the joke played on them is the Fish.
The joke itself is the Bait & Hook
To bite on a hook (joke)
To fall for a joke or prank.
To make someone "Chomp" you must have them fall for the prank or joke you are playing on them.
(Chompee) " I went to talk to that girl you were talking about and she said shes got a boy friend"
(Chomper)" She gave me her # when i talk to her"
(Chompee)"She DID?"
(Chomper)"That’s a Chomp"
by MC30 February 19, 2008
a very violent iron composed creature that barks like a dog and is attatched to a chain
i have a chomp in my yard so thieves can't enter
by Andres Rodriguez August 06, 2005
to engage in rough oral sex
The bitch chomped me nuts till I passed out
by My May 09, 2003

A rather attractive male. Derived from Chomp Chomp. Shortened to Chomp after realizing calling any attractive male a Chomp Chomp was taking away from the originality of the word.

see also OG Chomp.
"Have you ever met David?"
"No, why?"
"Oh, he's such a Chomp."
by J <3 April 20, 2006
a very poor quality insult for someone who either eats a lot or is not very smart
when you munch your entire house
when you are beaten in an iq test by a squirrel who has been dropped on it's head
by squirrel December 12, 2004