a very violent iron composed creature that barks like a dog and is attatched to a chain
i have a chomp in my yard so thieves can't enter
by Andres Rodriguez August 06, 2005
Top Definition
Used to indicate biting someone, often playfully.
Person 1: Hey, what's up?
Person 2: Not much. *chomp*
Person 1: Ack!
#food #exclamation #internet #chat #action
by The Dewd July 29, 2008
1) Food, meal.
2) Expression of satisfaction or pleasure, particularly as relating to food.
1) "What's for chomp tonight?"
2) "That was chomp!"
#food #exclamations #meals #mcdonald's #mcrib #mc rib
by JayDubU April 19, 2006
A short video that is said to be the most repulsive shockvideo ever made. It can be found at bloodshows.com (18+) for free.
I watched CHOMP and I puked for 10 minutes.
#bloodshows #nasty #sick #disturbing #vile #video #shocking
by ohgross1 May 03, 2010
A large portion of chewing tobacco, usually of the long cut verity.
"Oh my god I have had such a shitty day today, I really need this chomp"

"Holy shit, no kidding, spey your pinch"
#chew #chaw #pinch #lip #lipper #womp #chawski
by Mike Spey-on October 14, 2013
Dublin slang for XTC . Also see Yokes
I wanna get chomped out of me head ! Anybody doing Yokes tonight ?
by Jason Keegan March 11, 2005
sucks, shitty, totally bites.

~ Heard it from my hairdresser, who is remarkably not gay.
"Oh, you live in a leaky condo, dude that totally chomps".
by peter.jubb September 02, 2004
To chomp an object/item is also commonly known as the term 'jack' or 'steal'.
A: Ah man, this is so cute but i can't afford it!
B: Chomp it then!
#chomp #jack #steal #knick #skint
by ccm123 May 01, 2011
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