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Any fast food establishment serving things of dubious quality.
ie McDonalds, burger king,or those random little places on the corner...
Hey im gonna stop at the choke'n'puke and get a cartlidge burger!
by Tommy toe poker July 16, 2005
truck with hot food for factory workers in california
just hit return key & log off! choke n puke truck is here.
Hot cupper choke n puke eggs.
Good morning sunshine choke n puke truck is in the parking lot ima dumgard..
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
A foul odored (and foul tasting) substance, similar to gruel, usually served in correctional institutions and sometimes public schools. Usually a grey or brown viscous liquid with chunks of pseudo meat (usually dog food) in it.
Every Monday and Friday morning, the jail house serves Choke 'N' Puke for breakfast.
by Curtis Coombs January 19, 2006
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