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Any of several sexual act that results in a bitch losing the ability to breathe for a period of time. Can be accomplished either when the ho is giving a man oral sex, or when the man is plowing the guts, and wraps his hands around the bitch's neck.
Me: Yo, that bitch had such nice DSLs, I just had to choke fuck that slut!
Friend: That's nothing...the other night, I was giving it to this ho, and once I got her legs up over my shoulders, my hands were free to choke fuck the whore!
by HoMaster May 06, 2005
The act of fucking a girl while choking her because you hate her and she's the biggest god damn bitch alive but even with that she's hot as hell.
Richard: God I want to choke-fuck that bitch.
Andrew: Same here man!!
by OneTwoThree________WHATTHEFUCK January 20, 2009

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