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1. The "mascot" of a supposed college football program located in Coral Gables, FL, that actually is a semi-pro team since the alumni pay for their athletes and hence, their national championships.
2. What low class, poor, ghetto dwelling thugs think the University of Miami is actually called because:
a) They don't realize it's actually a school of higher learning and not a pro team
b) They have never been to the campus (or any campus for that matter)
c) They couldn't find Coral Gables, FL on a map
d) They could never afford to take a class at the school anyway.
3. The college football program that is most envious of the years of dominance that the Florida State University football program enjoyed during the late 80's and throughout the 90's, setting several NCAA records and winning two national championships while stringing together an unprecedented 14 straight top 5 finishes and bowl appearances.
4. The college football program located in Coral Gables, FL that will spend 2-3 years atop the polls, then runs out of money to pay players, and sinks to the level of an also-ran team that loses annually to West Virginia and Virginia Tech until they can save enough money up to pay for more pro caliber players. In addition, at least once per decade, they will be placed on NCAA probation.
Florida State Fan: ...and I'll also have a double cheese burger, and a large coke.
Miami Hurricanes Fan: Yassuh...right away suh. What else you be wantin' suh???
by HoMaster May 14, 2005
To fuck a female as if she were a 2 dollar whore. Must be rough, degrading sex with no foreplay whatsoever. Typically would be a quickie done on a slut you meet in a bar or club when you just take her in the bathroom and bend her over the sink or crapper.
Yo cuz, last night, I saw this little ho at the club with a miniskirt and no panties, so I took her in the bathroom and slutfucked the bitch!
by HoMaster May 07, 2005
Any of several sexual act that results in a bitch losing the ability to breathe for a period of time. Can be accomplished either when the ho is giving a man oral sex, or when the man is plowing the guts, and wraps his hands around the bitch's neck.
Me: Yo, that bitch had such nice DSLs, I just had to choke fuck that slut!
Friend: That's nothing...the other night, I was giving it to this ho, and once I got her legs up over my shoulders, my hands were free to choke fuck the whore!
by HoMaster May 06, 2005
Having intercourse with a ho. Sometimes heard as "gettin' up in the guts".
What wuz you doing in the bathroom with my sister so long?

Step off fool...I wuz plowing the guts! Can't you see she's walking all crooked!
by HoMaster May 06, 2005

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