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eat; drink; consume
bloke 1: i'm off the the pub for a chog
bloke 2: mind if i join you?
bloke 1: yeah, let's get chogging it!
by c1t1z3n December 13, 2010
You know when you forget a word and begin to hesitate?
Well chog is that word.

Chog can be anything you want it to be. Be it swear word, name, verb, etc.

the greatest website ever: www.chogitout.com
by chester smedley July 18, 2011
An individual who is seen as "worthless" or "counter-productive". The term "chog" is a degrading word, but can be used as humorous dialogue between friends. A group of "chogs" is commonly referred to as "chog-nation". "Chog" can also be used in substitution for "fag", "loser" and "rat". Nobody likes "chogs"...
Look at all these chogs, worth what? WORTHLESS!!
by Rat Sniff November 04, 2011
Unpleasant, disagreeable, very bad.
"what a chog party, let's leave"
"that food we ate was chog"
by toxicthunder February 07, 2004
A turd - the act of crapping
I am going for a chog
by Big Borrie July 10, 2008
V. to stamp out a small remainder of cigarette to smoke later.

N. A found cigarette butt that still has enough tobacco to smoke.
V. I'm running low on smokes so I'm just going to chog this one and smoke it after dinner.

N. Hey look guys, this is a good chog!
by Wurdzwerth November 04, 2010
slang/casual term for a cigarette.
i'll be right back, gonna smoke a chog.
by Fafalore August 23, 2007