-to give head
-to give a blowjob
-to suck someone off
-"chog me bitch"
-"chog it!"
1. To vomit and defecate simultaneously.
2. To vomit so violently that you shit yourself.
eg.1 I had a chog whilst worshiping the porcelain god after the weekend bender.
eg.2 Chog!!! Chog!!! Chog!!!
by decepti - kun October 06, 2005
A cheeky dog
You know you're not allowed to eat that casserole you giant chog!
by chogster January 24, 2012
the collective term for faeces.
"I heard that he chogged in the fish tank before using it like a crayon to draw on the walls."

"I can feel a chog brewing in my guts."
by oblivion cunt October 13, 2003
a self explanatory WORD (noun verb adjective anythang)
hey what up chog? how you doin chogo? why you bein a stupid chog. i chogged that girl last night. quit choggin on that blunt!
" some one broke into my house and chogged everything. etc
by gergenChog October 18, 2010
A chick (female) dog.
"What a beautiful, stunning chog you have!"
by chick cat November 03, 2009
Amanda lok, Kaolyn newton
wonderful chogs
chogs are chunts
by not a chog March 25, 2007

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