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The lingering aftermath of a fart.
After the 2 hour farting session...the CHOG hung in the air for hours!
by August Ta'lok November 26, 2006
A fat stuby small dick
Man, that motherfucker is banging that bitch with his chog
by Fab January 31, 2004
short for cunt hog. a more superlative iteration of cunt. used when a female is not simply a cunt, but also a hog.
sam is being such a chog.
by poca123 August 31, 2012
A cheeky dog
You know you're not allowed to eat that casserole you giant chog!
by chogster January 24, 2012
A big pinch of dip.
(Tobacco Product)
I got a big ol' chog of winter green in!
by Durango Doug June 14, 2009
A chinese Wog.
An asian of tanned or dark appearance who acts and speaks wog-like.

Hand me some chopsticks Brah
by Marty DC July 29, 2003
a self explanatory WORD (noun verb adjective anythang)
hey what up chog? how you doin chogo? why you bein a stupid chog. i chogged that girl last night. quit choggin on that blunt!
" some one broke into my house and chogged everything. etc
by gergenChog October 18, 2010