Rubbish, lame, awful, atrocious.
(origin: South West England)
"I've got to quit, my job is complete chod"
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
the spot between your asshole and your balls, usually has a bit of fluffy fur.
"my chod is itchin"
OR it can be used in an insult
"smell my chod"
by jimbo February 16, 2004
crap found at the bottom of the lake!
in the autumn when the leaves fall it forms chod at the bottom of the lake!
by alice & dan October 21, 2006
The vocalised flotsam and jetsum of the mind - random thoughts that get expressed, or just complete blather. As a verb, the act of vocalising these thoughts.
1. There was a lot of chod at the meeting.

2. Jim chodded out a particularly lengthy anecdote
by Chodder August 23, 2005
A person who uses an online service such as a chat room, forum or multi-player game with the sole purpose of spoiling other people's enjoyment. This person might post chat room messages repeatedly, or with a huge font, shoot their own team members in a game or scream down the microphone just to annoy.
Since we banned users from ***.COM, our forum is now 99% chod free!
by Mr Bilbo May 19, 2005
A fat little school kid
That ain't puppy fat son, your just a fat chod arse
by Maddog May 23, 2004
in "the language" chod is a shortened version of dick or chode. a short fattened penis
suck a chod!
by none October 13, 2003

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