spanish for pussy
damn daniella had a nice chocha
by AC August 19, 2003
panocha ....or pussy.
1. Damn, that chocha looks good.
by chocu November 27, 2006
Spanish for pussy/vagina
su madre tiene un chocha apritadisima
(your mom has a tight pussy)
by Confederatepride March 30, 2010
female genitals
My boyfriends likes my chocha
by martha March 24, 2004
The ghetto name for one's vagina.
So last night I was bleaching my hair and I forgot that you were supposed to lean forward so the bleach doesn't go down your body and burn your skin. I accidentally stood straight up and the bleach went down to my fucking chocha pubes and I now literally have a granny chocha!
by Vitamins December 06, 2013
vulgar noun, Puerto Rican for "vagina."
Mira! Se le ve la chocha dentro de la falda!
Translation: Look! You can see her vagina through the skirt.
by Jorge April 04, 2003
a female pooter
"Git your face outa my cho-cha!"
by mateo January 05, 2004
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