A dog
Aw! Look at the little chobs!
by Shablaman54 April 30, 2009
manboobs,mantits - chobs are the exact male replica of chebs see tits,boobsetc...
they are when a man has tits made entirely of fat that are so big,you could easily be forgiven for thinking they were implants
oh my god, look at steve raps' chobs
by i_hate_manboobs_05-06 December 24, 2005
The sound of eating; chewing loudly; the word for eating fastly; negatively
"He sure chobbed down that cheesburger!" ; "Yesterday I chobbed down a whole mess of potato chips" ; "He took a big chob out of my candy bar" ; "She is sure chobbing down that apple pie"
by Allovexists August 14, 2011
A stinky penis or cheesy knob. Otherwise shortened to the phrase 'chob'.
hey dude, take a break and wash your chob. I can smell it from here.
by cheese eater 2000 December 05, 2010
better known as a Chode but smaller and fatter and often seen in babies or infants.
Lauren was changing a diaper and was amazed by the young boys chob which was larger than her fathers.
by inspired by baby March 29, 2011
The act to be sick (or puke up)
Wow man, after that beer last night i was chobbing all morning.

Dude your the chobber of the group
by charli33 April 11, 2010
Childhood Obesity. A chubby child. A little fat kid.
"Look at that cute little chob over there" "You have such choby cheeks"
by Remictionary July 17, 2009
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