When a vagina is hidden by fat.
1. Dude, shes so big, i bet she has a chob.
by fruityfruitymonstah January 10, 2010
Verb: to strike an unexpectant individual on the back of the head with a pillow or soft cusion. mostly undertaken by bounders or cads...
I chobbed gordon to death...
by samosaurus May 15, 2009
A horrible, overused insult referring to a moron or idiot. This insult is commonly used by introverted fatties that play the MMORPG World of Warcraft. This insult is rarely taken offensive, as the person using said insult is generally a "chob" themselves.
You're such a chob for having a differing opinion than mine!
by TheColbyJack February 03, 2009
Retarded Guido's that fail at life. And call everybody else chobs even though they fail at school and think they are so smart.
Guy 1: Your a chob
Guy 2:No im not
Guy 2: Shut the hell up only a chob would say that
Guy 1: Your a chob
Guy 2: Im defiantly not
by 431254362362354235234 September 20, 2010
Throw, or more commonly to pass. Mostly heard in Manchester.
"ee-yah chob us them fags mate"
by longsightman April 30, 2009
The state inbetween a chub and a boner.
Can you just keep your shirt off until I get a chob!
by The Brabbler January 27, 2008
A Canadian that is chubby but not fat or stupid. Dumb Guidos call canadians chobs all the time. But really they are stupid, smoke at age 15, and fail at school.
Shut the hell up you chob, only a chob would say that
by POOPPDPDSPS September 20, 2010

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