The partition of skin on the male anatomy between your testicles and anus, usually has marginal pubic hair on it.
Yo, when you mooned me last night, you bent over way too far, I had a visual of your strangely enourmous choade!
by KC the gawd July 13, 2008
Top Definition
a cock that is wider than its length
the fag had a choade
by wickhack June 06, 2003
a dick that is wider then longer...
a good example is to imagine a tuna can... heh
by Rob Miller April 13, 2004
Chilling Hard On A Deck Everyday

Term used in colleges in and around Providence, Rhode Island.

The "deck" refers to the deck in front of many college dorms and fraternity houses built in the architectural tradition of New England.
"Bro, I'm bored. Let's choade for a bit, it's nice outside"
"Sure, dude. We can check out the ladies while sitting on the deck"

"Yo dude, what are you doing later?"
"Just choadin' with the bros while pounding some beer"
by BrownBearDRR December 09, 2009
Slang word for a person with a small cock that is wider than it is long and is also has a totally arrogant eir and general attitude and can't play the Bass.
NO Choades
Dont be like Choades
"Calling" Choades
by A Friend August 07, 2003
Any man who does what is cool to score with women. A male who does not stay true to himself or his style. A puke enducing sell-out
Last year Mr. Brown had that kick ass long hair, but turned choade and shaved it off because a girl told him he would look better.
by Jason Frenczak June 27, 2003
(noun) The skin between a male's scrotum and anus
Keep your choade clean
by Diggs February 24, 2005
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