Plural form of Chiver.
Also used to collectively label the loyal followers of, both Chivers and Chivettes.
While we were on vacation, we ran into a group of Chivers that lived there and showed us around town and took us out for an awesome night.
by SquishyFlint December 05, 2011
Top Definition
a feeling of ecstasy and delight, much to the affect of a brief orgasm. typically felt throughout the whole body and is brought upon by the touch of someone of the opposite sex. a combination of chills and shivers.
when you touch me like that, it gives me chivers.
by skankinjay January 25, 2008
Yorkshire slang for a boy
That chiver is no good.
by kateFF September 24, 2007
One who chives (male). Keep calm and chive on! KCCO
Chiver: Keep calm and chive on!
by adm5084 April 24, 2013

its awesome-ness is so vast that its full potential could just destroy everything in existence.
that's why it is really underground.

because if it was well known then the universe might collapse upon itself with the mere mindblowing-ness of its sounds.
guy #1: dude did you see that C.H.I.V.E.R.S concert last night?

guy #2: aw totally man! My mind was blown!!!!

guy #1: I was raped!!!
by Johnny5000 July 26, 2009
A modest bloke who is a gr8 fan of pies. Loves his dog, and everthin else in life.
A horny-rapist who hangs round 6th form college!!! Watch your back ppl!!!
by si November 18, 2003
CHIVER a word used to describe the uncontrollable little movement that happens during or just after taking a major dump or a long awaited piss.
You've been trapped at your desk all morning in the weekly conference call and finally put the phone on mute and make the dash to the bathroom.

As you relieve the intense pressure, your body responds by suddenly doing a quick and intense shaking that feels slightly electrical, leaving you feeling very relieved and almost euphoric.

Although the chiver has ended you feel the effects for a few minutes as your body resets itself.
by Been There Did That January 25, 2011
A fantastic group of people dedicated to alleviating the stress of an otherwise hectic day with daily afternoon randomness, sexy Chivettes, and the occasional motivational poster.
Hot girl: Wow, I feel so relaxed and comfortable around John.

Hot girl's friend: Yeah, he's one of those Chivers.
by Josh Mc. September 27, 2010
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