CHiPs was a cop show that aired from 1977-1983, about the lives of two CHP Motor Cycle officers. It staring Erik Estrada as the cool but accident prone Frank "Ponch" Poncherello and Larry Wilcox as his calm level headed partner Jon Baker. Robert Pine also starred as the no nonsense but kind hearted Sergeant Joseph Getraer. Plots usually revolved around chasing out of control drivers, saving peoples lives in car crashes, and going after burglars. But there was also sub plots involving the Officers social lives and SoCal lifestyle.

Opening scenes featured the actual California Highway Patrol building, located under the Santa Monica Freeway in down town L.A. The theme song and Crash scenes were filmed around the valley on unopened streches of Freeways.

A made for TV movie came out in '98 called CHiPs '99, starring many of the original cast members.
CHiPs is probably one of the best shows ever. Motor cycles, car crashes, hot chicks, cool scenary, what more could ya ask for. Can't wait for season 3 to be released on DVD.
by Metalhead83 February 24, 2012
A newly retired man who is frightened by his own mortality. He overcompensates by acting like a 28 year old. He frequents bars hitting on women who are not old enough to be there, but cute enough that the bartender has no problem serving fruity drinks to. Divorced his wife because she makes him feel old, but doesn't know how to do his own laundry.
Just avoid Chip.
by Cheryl Tunt November 19, 2013
slang for marijuana. used around mixed company.
Hey man, i got some chips; wanna come over?

i just bought some good chips.

this is the best bag of chips ive ever had.

these chips got me high as fuck.
by snipermiester July 02, 2013 SUCK!
This nigga is chips
by QueefKing June 10, 2011
small and pointy black titties.
Jeff: That hooker has some problems!
Bob: Yeah, talk about some chips, for god's sake!
by ncjlefkjv June 02, 2011
To pound fists; to give "props"
"Chips me bruh"
by jsst March 29, 2015
The term 'chips' is an integral part of Bally-Slang. Coined by none other than Harley Woolven, it is used to express apathetic or negative connotations.

Usually preceded by an upwards inflection of 'Awww' (the same way that precedes terms such as 'Taxi!' or 'Benji').

Can be used to describe dislike or apathy regarding just about anything.
When a head-doing loser is spotted: 'Aww chips guy'.

A variant popularized by Gilly: 'Chip-out!'

When witnessing any situation that is bleak, mundane, plain boring etc: 'Awww CHIPS!'
by M Leonidas August 20, 2009
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