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A Small Drug Habit.

Doesnt mess you up as much as an addiction.

Her meth use was just a chippie.
#drugs #habit #addiction #small #controllable
by HannahsInnocence December 26, 2009
A person usually girls who are not virgins, but have never had sex sober. They wear a single black band, or bracelet, on their upper right arm. Almost always some kind of an addict or user.
"Are you joking? Ive been black banded since I was 12"
#virgin #sex #drugs #black band #sober
by HannahsInnocence December 26, 2009
A Gut Habit Is An Acute Drug Addiction, Mostly Heroin, Because Of The Feeling In Your Gut. Because Its A Chippie small habit The Withdrawls Won't Be Extreme.
" I wouldn't be surprised if she picked up a gut habit during her visit to Cali this summer"
#chippie #addiction #drug #gut #heroin
by HannahsInnocence December 26, 2009
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