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worshipping squirrels in pink leather. squirrels that are wearing pink leather, you don't worship in them.
my Catholic high school was alarmed when they learned of my daily chippest rituals
by Amy February 18, 2005
1 2
Of Anthonate origin, chippest is an irregular verb; the infinitive chippesse is conjugated as follows in the present active indicative:

chippest, chippes, chippest, chippesumus, chippestis, chippesunt

... and so on, following the model of the Latin irregular esse.
Following Megan's lead, we all chippesumus.
by Emily February 18, 2005
3 2
verb. To worship pink-leather-clad squirrels
Megan chippest every day
by Anthony February 18, 2005
5 5