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An extreme large amount.
An amount of objects usually weighing greater than one ton.
A lot.
Also you may have more than one chingo, in which case they are known as chingos.
Dude, guess what! I just got a chingo of playstation games!
by Rossi September 18, 2003
A police vehicle. So called because they are usually black and white, resembling the fur of a panda. See also, panda.
Slow down man, I think I see a panda car hiding up ahead.
by Rossi October 13, 2005
The pressing of one's penis and scrotum against a pane of glass, forming the image of a banana and two cherries. The opposite of a pressed ham.
That bastard just gave me a pressed fruit salad on my car window!
by Rossi September 18, 2003
The turd peeker is similar to a turd burglar. The main difference however, is that while a turd burglar will actually try and open the stall you are in, the turd peeker will enter the bathroom and walk slowly along the row of stalls, peeking between the cracks at all who are shitting. Much like turd burgling, this activity leaves the shitter feeling violated and uneasy.
I was shitting in the mall bathroom the other day when suddenly a turd peeker walked up to the stall I was in and put his eye to the crack... I felt so violated.
by Rossi May 26, 2007
A delicacy made out of a can of tuna and powdered glass. Mix the glass into the tuna, and serve to cats. The cats will love it as it cuts through their teeth and gums, and will enjoy the experience of crapping it out, if they live long enough.
"Honey, those stray cats are coming around again. I think we better give them Tuna a la Glass this time."
by Rossi October 11, 2004
A Policeman/Policewoman. So called because of their (usually) black uniform, on their (usually) white skin, which may resemble the black and white fur of a panda. See also, Panda Car
Oh shit man, the Pandas are coming! Let's get out of here!
by Rossi October 13, 2005
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