Verb, When you are involuntarily trapped in an endless discussion in which you cannot escape.
To avoid being chinged, one can:
1. Attend imaginary emergency meeting
2. Fake a phone call
3. Jump out nearest window
by WToFu January 24, 2013
one who flaunts their money, this person is annoying and tends to be weird, they over dress for everything and over use their middle name, a ching is frequently seen with chongs and has few friends. a ching can also refer to a in the closet lesbian.
Ashley is so obnoxious, she came to the football game in a skirt, 4 inch heels, and a fur coat, I'm so sick of that ching.
by Wiig62 November 07, 2008
a shortened abbreviation to the spanish word "chingado." another abbreviation used more commonly is "chingao." used mainly in south texas and northeren mexico.
"ching, why didn't you do what i told you to?"

jon:"i forgot the beer"
by l8ter4ever October 27, 2006
1)Goodbye. A friendly goodbye in person or on the telephone. Taken from the sound made when older telephones containing bells were hung up, making the "ching" sound.

2)A slang greeting similar to "ciao" that may be used as hello or goodbye.

3)To suddenly, but politely leave the premises.
1)Alright, I have to go man. Ching.

2)Ching! How are you?

3)I have to ching soon, it's getting late.
by johnnycanuck August 07, 2007
1. To make or produce music

2. An expression of admiration towards a song

3. An alternative to chung
1. Mandemz bin reppin ching riddums.

2. Dat beat is ching.

3. Chung = Ching
by Owb April 08, 2007
slang term used in the same way as the early '90 psych.

A term said after a sarcastic remark or mean joke

past tense: chang
Colleen is really awesome... ching

This party sucks! Ching, I'm having fun
by northsiderCW November 22, 2009
CHING after Michael Ching the tennis and pro ev extrordinaire. Nemesis of Manager Grant aka the poof or the toff because he is a toffy/poofy person. His son is Sauron the great who is enemies to Manager Grants son Michael Grant who is named after Michael Ching who used to a force for good but is now evil and in league with Jonathon Burns or Burnsy.
aww wat a ching of a shot, that's total ching, mate you've done a ching, why you being a pure ching?
by Christoffer Grant March 16, 2008

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