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The Italian term for "Hi" or "Bye"
Ciao Bella - Hi Beautiful/Bye Beautiful
by JVisconti October 04, 2003
italian greeting word, either hello or goodbye
Ciao bella - Hello girlfriend
Ciao bello - goodbye boyfriend
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
Ciao was originally an Italian word meaning 'hello' or 'goodbye', but culturally diffused into various European nations with Romance languages.

In the United States, it is commonly used by Spanish-speakers and French-speakers, in addition to Italian-speakers.

When "ciao" is used by Americans, instead of looking sophisticated, they look like retards. So, if you're American.... just don't say it.
Spanish: Bueno, Mamá. Ya me voy. Ciao!
French: Alors, Maman. Je me vais. Ciao!
(OK, Mom. I'm leaving. Bye)

An American saying Ciao: Ciao, darling. I'm a prick because i say 'Ciao' to sound sophisticated
by JJJDDD June 07, 2006
an italian loan word meaning goodbye. if said by anyone who isn't from italy, it actually means, i think i'm better than you and act pretentious all the time because i think i'm much more interesting than i am. it usually is an invitation to punch them in the face before they leave so long as it isn't used ironically.
oh, i forwarded you the MOST interesting article from the latest issue of harper's. Gotta run, i'm late for my book club. ciao.
by king kong NINJA April 20, 2004
originally italian for hello or goodbye now common in southwest US and Mexico for goodbye.
tengo ir, ciao
by granster May 22, 2003
an italian word meaning "goodbye" or "see you later"
Ciao baby!
by SoftVelvet April 13, 2003
To have honest belief in an obvious mistake
"How do you spell ciao? (C-I-O) as in at the end of an email" "do you mean ciao (chow)?"

"I think I'm having a stroke" whilst holding your heart

Using the hard shoulder on a motorway, believing it is a lane (action ciao).
by Yagger March 28, 2015

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