Just $20 bucks will buy you a fine rodent friend
HOURS of rodent sexual gratifification await you. Shove this thing up yer ass or cram it with your cock. ChiNchilluh'sz 4 ALL!
by FuckerShocking March 23, 2005
A fury rat like creature, indigenous to the the mountains of Chile. Often mistaken to be soft cuddly rodent, when really they are vicious killers. Chinchillas are the ninjas of the animal world and they will flip out and kill your bitch ass!
That Chinchilla just killed his/her bitch ass!
by Anthony James G. December 02, 2005
a reference to any sexual act, behavior, or body part
Damn, my chinchilla really hurts today
by tripodforever January 31, 2007
A tasty beverage composed of a mixture of Kentucky Deluxe and Dr. Pepper. Popular with hood rats and members of Tiger Baseball.
Teddy: That tastes like whiskey. What is it?
Bobby: A chinchilla.
by Tiger Baseball December 11, 2006
any particularily fluffy animal that kids with long hair like to obsess over, particularily about the fluffy part.
see also good eating
Paul: chinchillas are fluffy

me: yes paul, yes they are.
by Link the Wolf May 03, 2005
A furry condom made from the fur of a chinchilla
It was cold last night so I decided to use a chinchilla.
by Ruoy Seman December 29, 2008
A word used by rap stars, meaning a gun, inwhich they typically carry in their coat pocket.
"I's packin' 3 chinchillaz tonight!"
by netta August 10, 2005
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