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A seventeen year old actress who plays on Kat on the show Victorious, she was on Broadway before the show. The most gorgeous girl on Victorious with large eyes and bright red hair. Even though Victoria Justice got the main role Ariana Grande is a fan favorite.
Ariana Grande for sure
by Crayterm13 August 27, 2010
A genius, gorgeous singer/choreographer who has made two popular singles Tightrope ft. Big Boi and Tightrope (Wondamix) ft. Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B. . She rocks a pompadour and can surprisingly rap. She is signed onto Purple Ribbon record company.
Have you heard that new R&B mix with Janelle Monae?
by Crayterm13 August 27, 2010
A animal in the rodent family that lives in Mexo-America.

Cooking a large amount of cocaine in a kitchen to make an abnormally large sale of crack. Used on the Young Jeezy mixtape 1000 Grams Vol. 1.
Goin in the kitchen to whip me up a Chinchilla
by Crayterm13 August 20, 2010
A rapper of Young Money who is a self-proclaimed goon. He can rap pretty well but a lot of his raps are about similiar themes, kind of like Lil Wayne.
Its Gudda, Gudda
I put her under
I see me with her
No Stevie Wonder
I don't even wonder
Cause she know she bad
And I got her nigga
Grocery bags
by Crayterm13 August 27, 2010

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