giving oneself a blowjob and then falling asleep immediately after.
I gave myself one good chinchilla last night!
by dwight schrute - beet farmer September 24, 2007
when your chin chills on your double chin
damb jacob you have a chin chilla fatass
by Amber and Deion September 28, 2007
"chinchilla" is an derrogatory term used by music snobs to catogorize the talentless bands and subhuman fans of the "nu-metal" genre i.e.: korn, linkin park, staind, mudvayne, slipknot....
smoking pot and listening to evanescence makes you a full-blown chinchilla head.
by danny baich July 31, 2007
The act of hitting someone in the chin when they need to chill out.
Papoose:"Really need to chill out, bitch nigga, hit you right in your chin to make you chill, that's what I call a chinchilla."
by Nation of Thugacation December 21, 2006
A fury rat like creature, indigenous to the the mountains of Chile. Often mistaken to be soft cuddly rodent, when really they are vicious killers. Chinchillas are the ninjas of the animal world and they will flip out and kill your bitch ass!
That Chinchilla just killed his/her bitch ass!
by Anthony James G. December 02, 2005
Just $20 bucks will buy you a fine rodent friend
HOURS of rodent sexual gratifification await you. Shove this thing up yer ass or cram it with your cock. ChiNchilluh'sz 4 ALL!
by FuckerShocking March 23, 2005
A small rodent that rocks soft, beautiful fur. Chinchilla coats go up to $100,000. That fur scarf that Martha Stewart was wearing after she got out of court was chinchilla ($2,000 scarf) and now there is a HUGE demand for chinchilla scarfs.
OMG, its Martha Stewart, poor bastard...but holy shit, thats a nice scarf.
by SoFreshAndSoClean March 23, 2004

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