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1. A furry rodentine animal native to South America. They are usually domesticated, and they look quite a bit like hampsters or guinea pigs.

2. Of course, like most words you find here, it also means testicles.
1. Hey, I'm gonna play with my chinchillas!

2. Hey, I'm gonna play with my chinchillas!
by Waqcku May 28, 2005
A circular or in fact any bruise on the chin, sometimes resembling a hickey. Created by squeezing the said area with force. Often sported by those who are prepared to look badass until it fades.
Person A: Ooo that bruise looks sore, what happened?
Person B: It's a chinchilla
Person A: Oh. Cool it looks badass.
by Tiits McGee November 04, 2009
A little fuzzy rodent, superficially resembling a squirrel, which is raised for its thick (usually) gray fur and sometimes kept as a pet. Rare in the wild.
"If your chinchilla gets out of its cage again, I'm going to make gloves out of it. Capisce?"
by Qit January 21, 2004
Testicles, testes, "nuts," "balls."
Understand the pun intended. When your penis is in a mouth, where are your testicles sitting? "Get on your knees and I'll give you chinchillas."

Use term loosely. "My chinchillas are itchy." "Lick my chinchillas now."
by Jamie from Ontario, Canada. December 25, 2003
Chinchillas: n. Synonym for testicles. Context: They may rest on the chin and chilla (slang for chill).
Travis' mom started mouthing off so I whipped out the chinchillas to shut her up.
by DigitalPrecision May 26, 2010
A man's testicles- (cause there furry like chin-chillas)
My nuts is Chin-chillas cause they chill on ya chin.
by James P. Owens August 11, 2006
A animal in the rodent family that lives in Mexo-America.

Cooking a large amount of cocaine in a kitchen to make an abnormally large sale of crack. Used on the Young Jeezy mixtape 1000 Grams Vol. 1.
Goin in the kitchen to whip me up a Chinchilla
by Crayterm13 August 20, 2010