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a monky an ugly creature often often seen with its banana in its hands
seth looks like a chimp
by the__yeti June 19, 2008
6 6
see Dubya
The chimp tried to answer journalists questions today... what a laugh
by meeeeee November 03, 2003
309 142
To review an image on the LCD screen of a digital camera after taking a photograph. In common usage among press photographers. The act was dubbed chimping after photographers were caught making monkey-like noises when they reviewed a good shot in their cameras.
1. The photographer chimped his double-play shots from the first base photo position.

2. The photographer was caught chimping on the sideline after a play and missed the interception shot.
by Chris123456798 January 08, 2006
107 41
a black person.
Chimp ass nigga!
by Dede_23 May 21, 2011
71 42
Somebody who's freakin' out and needs to chill. Can be used as a verb, noun or adjective.
"Yo I just ate weed brownies and I'm hella chimped."

Person A- "Wanna hang with Brian tonight?"
Person B- "Nah, that dude's a chimp."

Person A- "Ahhh oh no (insert complaint about whatever)!
Person B- "Yooo quit chimpin'."
Person A- "Woah... you're right. I need to chill."
Person A- "Word."
by Real Insane May 31, 2013
17 2

To lose all human control and revert back to one's simian roots. Usually resulting from seeing an attractive woman or, if you are a comic book fan, a mint copy of The Avengers #1.
Did you see that girl at the club that I was talking to last night? I was really chimping for her.

Mark looked at the woman and began to chimp heavily.
by Masner May 01, 2009
30 22
Infantile or mischeivous individual. A person with a childlike sense of humour.
Stop being such a chimp
by M McGraw February 22, 2003
42 35
Describing a repulsive smelly creature, born of the human species, but acting as though he were a primate. Nappy dark hair, gross teeth, small red haired mating parter. Often attempts to read books, posters, and magazines, always failing. Communicates by making a series of noises like, "ooo ahhh ehhh ahhh ooo". Smells like an asshole.
hey chimp!!!! ooo oo ahh ahh!!!! go eat a banana you retard.
by Stephanie and Andrew May 06, 2008
37 31