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(n): The male genitalia of a comic entertainer, normally implementing exaggerated makeup and costume; typically denser than water.
The children became either manic-depressives or serial killers after Johnny's mom misread an advertisement and hired a clown-weiny for the birthday party.

Kids: What's that rainbow thing that at the bottom of the pool?
Adults: Gasp!
by Mr__P October 29, 2009
(v) {pres. part.}: The insertion of a prolapsed uterus into a vagina or anus during sexual intercourse, usually in place of a penis.
At first the sight of the saggy uterus was sickening, but when she stated chimney sweeping the guy, I couldn't help but feel strangely aroused, if not dead inside.
by Mr__P March 12, 2010
(n): The product of a difficult and dangerous sexual process, in which two fingers are sounded and inserted into the vas deferen openings, then carefully retracted out of the penis, pulling the testicles out of the body through the urethral opening. This act creates a fragile object composed to the two testicles, hanging by the the vas deferens out of the penis, known as the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit can easily be yanked off by accident, making it a delicacy.

Effectively a prolapse of the testicles.
After a long, painful struggle and many years of conditioning, Adam and Eve finally blossomed the forbidden fruit, only for Eve to yank it from her partner and cause the fall of man.
by Mr__P January 12, 2012

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