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A chilldo is a dildo filled with silicate gel which can reach subzero temperatures. If placed in a deep freezer, ultimate pleasure can be achieved.
Damn, Dawg, that chilldo froze her pussy up real good. I thought my dick was gonna fall off from frostbite.

I wish Richard Gere hadn't shoved that chilldo up my ass. I've been shitting ice cubes for a month.
by Deezlestein October 10, 2005
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a dildo made from ice
hey dude, last night i finally got a girl to sit on my chilldo. she loved it so much she came in about 7 seconds and kept going til it melted out of her pussy
by speedybanana September 29, 2007
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Any refrigerated food item that can substitute for a dildo.
e.g. hot dogs, sausage, carrots, bananas, cucumbers etc.

Meg: "I can't find my dildo!"
Sarah: "Just use a chilldo."
by lsc9x August 18, 2011
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A dildo for the heat sensitive vagina with the ability to stay cool like the other side of the pillow. Includes digital thermostat and timer to know when Chilldo is at proper temperature for insertion.
While using her dildo and having noticed an uncomfortably elevated temperature, she discarded her dildo and inserted her perfectly chilled Chilldo.
by Dr. Jerry Anderson October 19, 2013
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A two sided dildo made of ice. Generally used by lesbians, but can double as a semen snow-cone.
"Check out these disgusting lesbians going ass to ass with a chilldo!"
by Penis Fart February 12, 2012
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