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Any person (male or female) who is skillfully adept at having sex with a woman.
John: "Rick has had sex with like ten women in the last year."
Steve: "Ten? Are you kidding me."
John: "Nope. The guy is a total bush master from what I've heard."
by lsc9x August 18, 2011
Contraction of the words "technology" + "idiot".

Any person who is either stubbornly and willfully ignorant about electronics and computers, or who is genuinely too stupid to understand electronics, computers, or related concepts.
John: "How come I never got that e-mail from your mom?"
Steve: "She doesn't know how to do e-mail."
John: "Are you serious?"
Steve: "Yeah, she's a real technidiot, if you know what I mean."
by lsc9x August 18, 2011
Any situation where one or more men go to a bar, or party, with the hopes of finding women they can have sex with.
John: "Hey, Rick! Are you going to Jenny's party tonight?"
Rick: "I don't know. I'm thinking about it."
John: "You should go, man. It's going to be a total bush hunt."
by lsc9x August 18, 2011
A strong positive emotional view towards, or positive emotion caused by the male penis. Can occur in either sex.
Tom: "I have never seen this many female sex toys in my life!"
Janet: "Yeah, I have a pretty bad case of peniphilia."
by lsc9x August 18, 2011
Any refrigerated food item that can substitute for a dildo.
e.g. hot dogs, sausage, carrots, bananas, cucumbers etc.

Meg: "I can't find my dildo!"
Sarah: "Just use a chilldo."
by lsc9x August 18, 2011
Someone who is either vegan or vegetarian solely for the purpose of protecting or saving animals.

Compound word: "Vegetarian" + "Veterinarian"
Bob always loved animals, but when he became a vegetenarian he had gone a step too far.
by lsc9x August 19, 2011
To vomit heavily.
John thought he was keeping his drinking under control until he thought he might blow chowder on the couch.
by lsc9x August 18, 2011

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