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when someone needs to chill and relax
Person 1: OMG I'm so worried about the test tommorrow.
Person 2: Dude, quit being a bitch, chillaxe
by westcoastHusker November 22, 2006
the words chill out and relax combined together
Person: OMG OMG OMG!
Other Person: Shut up and chillaxe you freak!
by Rachel November 20, 2003
What you do when you can finally relax after being stinky for a while and putting on axe deoderant.
Jimmy: Damn You stink! Heres my axe.

Bob: Thanks now i can finally chill-axe
by poop comes from anus's February 28, 2009
merge between chill out and relax... and axe!
it's like chill-axe. so it's like you get chopped with the clillaxe if you're told to calm down.

dude, chillaxe!
Chillaxe, yo!
by fairyfarts April 15, 2009
combo of chill out and relaxe
I DEAD!!!!!!! Chillaxe bro.
by Eric November 18, 2003