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A mix of " see ya" and "later"
dude calm down, schlater
by The Og From DA North May 04, 2005
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a combined, shortened version of "see you later". the first part of the word is often dragged out to add extra effect i.e, : "schhhhhhlaters". it can also be combined with "schloser" (meaning loser) i.e.
"schlaters schloser"
hey dude im gonna hit the sack, schlaters
by Greig Jolly June 21, 2004
old norse for "cheers"
-used in Ireland to signify trust among viking leaders or members of viking unit. The idea is everyone slams their mugs of ale/mead together hard enough for everyones drink to splash into everyone else's the idea being if one of them is poised the rest are poisoned. signifies the unit
#cheers #schlater #prost #slainte #skal
by G... January 16, 2009
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