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very likely the greatest restuarant of all time

a tex-mex style resturant, home of the famous baby back ribs (which Fat Bastard comments on in Austin Powers 2) and the monterey chicken

a piece of Heaven
"CHILI'S baby back ribs...barbecue sauce"
by ssullivan January 16, 2006
A generally spicy soup which contains at least the minimum of chili powder and kidney beans. Beef is also another common ingredient. It's damn tasty with cheese and saltine crackers.
It was snowy and cold out, so I picked up some Chili-O and stuff to make chili when I get home.
by RaleSI December 22, 2009
Chili is a word with a wide range of uses that may refer to a person, situation, or object in a generally negative context. Something its self may infact be chili, or it can be used as an action as in chillied or to chili. As long as it kindof sucks in some form or another it can be chili.
Dude, you totally just chillied that drive into to woods.
Everyone is camping in this loby, lets back out its too chili anyways.
This car isnt running very well, its all chili.
My buddy just chillied out on me, so we not going to make it now.
Dude, my phone is wicked slow out here, I think the internet is all chili.
by tydo14 May 14, 2012
a hot ass female from weatherford; answers to the name chili.
hey you seen chili around lately
by wolf.brand January 17, 2012
the best there ever was & ever will be. "sexy" "cool" person.
great acting skills & has the best friends. super hott and smooth ;) usually surrounded by girls named Janelle, Abby, & Cynthia
"i wanna be as hot a Chili"

"chili makes everything better"

"when i grow uo im going to be Chili!"
by chelin June 19, 2008
going to smoke weed; partaking in the smoking of some substance
Hey Mom, I'm going to Chili's with my friends.
by sean12121 November 23, 2006
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