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between a chuckle and a giggle
I had the chiggles when.....
by chiggles August 14, 2009
to giggle and chuckle at the same time.
when i read that stupid definition under mine, i chiggled for a long time.
by Cow Goddess August 13, 2006
to play with in a naughty way
1. Scott chiggled Andrea last night behind the bleachers.

2. "I chiggle salmon all the time!" exclaimed Andrew.
by Allison dP May 19, 2008
cross between a chuckle and a giggle
I chiggled at his joke.
by astrochick July 30, 2009
An unkempt car thief; unshaven Hamburglar. The Chiggles is known to become heavily intoxicated and crash his F-150. It's natural habitat is anywhere smoke and unlocked cars can be located. The natural instinct of the elusive chiggles is to flee, especially when nothing of value is presented.
I drove you to Santa Barbara several times and you made me pay you $40 when you took me you damned chiggles!
by Mason Heller November 27, 2013
A cross between getting a chill and wiggling because your cold. Often accompanied by goosebumps.
I have chiggles because it's so cold outside.
by uwldisneyra April 15, 2010
Chiggle is a chat and giggle with friends, usually on a mobile or over coffee.
For example, Tina met up with her friends for a chiggle over coffee..
by Tina Dissen August 01, 2006