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Asian African American
The powers of Asian and African persuasion combined to form Tiger
Woods, a real chig.
by Charper October 27, 2003
When in extended form, pertains to a selfless giving nature, when it would better to save for oneself. (i.e. chig-chig-ity)
Person 1: "Did you see Rufus last night? He gave up his last bong hit to Mikey."
Person 2: "Damn, that Rufus sure is chig-chig-ity."
by SlickJimmy June 05, 2007
A racial slur that applies to all races. A derogatory term aimed at no one in particular.
Shut up you fuckin' chig.

Those damn chigs stole my car!

Those stupid chiglets keep trying to sell me candy.
by cassusriff May 02, 2009
someone who is just genuinely and undeniably awesome. A chigs is usually very lucky with the ladies. A chigs is just straight up G.
"Damn chigs is spittin mad g at those ladies over there."
by jpimp27 August 10, 2009
The middle of the word "MICHIGAN." Usually only isolated when one wears a shirt that says "MICHIGAN" on it and then a zip up jacket or hoodie over it, and only zips up halfway.
I think it's funny that her shirt only says CHIG right now.
by Thaddeus MacDowell May 16, 2011
Male sexual reproductive organ.
I have a big chig in my pants. Or, hold my chig.
by BigChig April 23, 2005
derived from chin-wag
Need a massive chig wit you!
by mona_roma November 09, 2010

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